If you are tired of massage, go to the salon in the center south where you are taking care of your body

Dry head therapy and foot pot therapy are also available

If you are considering a massage in the center south, please come to a salon that offers a variety of menus such as Momihoshi, dry head therapy, and foot pot therapy. We help you keep a good quality sleep every day. We believe that good quality sleep requires three things: "circulating systemic lymph," "increasing body temperature," and "confusing a little trouble." For this reason, we have adopted a complete reservation system so that you can receive treatments in the most relaxed state possible, creating an environment that can be used as a private salon.


Introducing the menu to those who want to receive massage in the center south

Highly skilled staff perform all hands


Staff working at Nap Center South Store (Nap)

I will do my best to deal with your physical problems

Q & A

We are answering questions from customers

Can I pay cashless?
Yes ☆ Available (* ^^ *) Payment is possible at our shop VISA / JCB / MasterCard / AmericanExpress / Diners / Diccover / RakutenCard / REdy / RPay / auPAY / applePay / Suica / PASMO / ICOCA / iD / nanaco / Quicpay / Hayaken / S...
Can I have children?
Yes (* ^^ *) Can bring children (* ^^ *) It will be reserved and it will be helpful if you let us know. We can also provide a playpen, so can you call us first?  
Should I remove contact lenses during head massage?
Yes. We recommend that you remove your contact lenses if you can. I will also treat around the eyes. That will also reduce eye fatigue (* ^^ *) When you come to the store, please prepare to remove contact lenses (* ^^ *)
I'm wondering what course I should take
It is possible to make a decision after consultation by phone or when you visit us. Since it is necessary to secure a time frame, you can make reservations in either menu and change or add to the menu when you visit.
I have an illness, is it possible to have a treatment?
Please inform us in advance if any of the following items apply. Depending on your physical condition, we may refuse treatment. □ There is fever □ There is a past illness □ There is epilepsy □ I have heart disease

Detailed information on how to access the salon


Store name

Nap lymphotherapy / sleep improvement relaxation Nap Center South

Street address

2nd floor, Murata Building, 45-14 Chigasaki Chuo, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa

phone number
business hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 to 23:00 (last reception 22:00)

Sun ~ Holiday : 11: 00 ~ 19: 00 (Last reception 18:00)

Regular holiday



油谷 真由美









If you are looking for a body maintenance method in addition to massage in the center south, try the massage and dry head spa. In addition, we have prepared a variety of menus that support good quality sleep, and we have a system in place to meet the needs of our customers. We welcome customers with high technology and courteous customer service, and we perform treatment with all our heart.

About us

If you are thinking about a massage, go to the Momihogushi Salon in the Center South

If you are massage care in the center south, please try Momihogushi

We provide support for those who want to take care of their tired body in daily life and to improve performance by taking good-quality sleep. In order to meet each customer's demands, we offer a variety of menus including Momihoshi, dry head spa, foot pot treatment, and oil therapy. All menus are fully customized and all handed to suit your needs, so you will feel comfortable.
In addition to careful treatment, we are also careful about creating an environment in the salon. We have a complete reservation system so that we can face the troubles of our customers and take sufficient time. We also offer changing clothes for treatment, so you can use it easily between scheduled appointments and after work. In addition, it is well received for its easy-to-go location, which is a 1-minute walk from the nearest station of the Yokohama Municipal Subway.
We support people living in the surrounding area to have a good quality sleep, so if you feel tired and your body feels heavy, or if you feel that you are not tired even after sleeping Please consult once.

We offer healing time for those thinking about massage in the center south.

As a fully booked private salon, we offer treatments that support good quality sleep while spending a relaxing time, so please contact us if you have problems such as insomnia . Through careful counseling, we ask customers about their body condition, demands and concerns, and propose treatments that suit each person, so even those who are using it for the first time can leave it to us with peace of mind.
Momihogushi, who is good at it, will be operated in a sideways posture where the body can relax. This is because it is easy to access the pots of the whole body and can be expected to be more effective because it is easy to enter the pot. As an option, the entire arm, shoulder blade, and leg are also available, so you can concentrate on the area where you are concerned about fatigue. Please try this if you have trouble with stiff shoulders or back pain, or if you feel dull.
In addition, we are trying to set a reasonable price so that you can pass easily. Payment by credit card and electronic money is also supported, so please use it.